By Tina Hutton,

Cutworm, Grass Caterpillar, and Sod Webworm and the Recent Link with Summer Rainfall

Although summer rainfall is a welcome event for most homeowners, some receive a little more than light rain.
With this summer rain and high humidity there have been reports of various pests and diseases affecting lawns across Western Australia. These weather conditions create the ideal environment/opportunity for pests and diseases to cause serious damage. In recent weeks, the topic has become quite popular on talk back radio across the state.
One such pest is Cutworm. The life cycle of the Cutworm begins with the light-coloured moth flying into only the healthiest yard with the greenest lawn and deposits its eggs.
The life cycle of the cutworm moth can vary but is normally around 23 days.

It can cause serious damage quite quickly if not treated promptly. The attacks are random. One garden in the suburb may be attacked without any damage to another lawn in the area.
The moth does prefer a very well cared for lawn. The broader and greener the leaf, the better.

How to check for cutworm

In the evening, shine a torch on a small area of turf and pour over some warm soapy water (the consistency you would use for cleaning dishes). Keep an eye out to see if anything wriggles to the surface. Shake nearby shrubs, anything with foliage and look for moths. It could vary from a few of them to hundreds.

How to Treat

Purchase Bifenthrin. This is available from Greenacres and also from any Garden Centre, Hardware Store or Stock Feeders. We recommend using a liquid version rather than granulated as it can be absorbed faster and is more efficient.

Organic Alternatives to Bifenthrin

‘YATES: Nature’s Way Caterpillar Killer – Dipel Bio-Insecticide’ (RRP: $18.00)

YATES: Success Ultra Insect Control’ (RRP: $24.00)
Both products are available at Bunnings. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

Contact our Sales team on 95258822 for more detailed information on the treatment of cutworm

We’re open for business, delivering turf daily

By Tina Hutton,

Greenacres Turf Group is still harvesting and delivering roll on turf throughout the Perth metro and down through to Bunbury

In line with the new social distancing requirements, we have implemented our new 6 Point Contactless Order and Delivery Process (see below). Our turf customer service team is also still operational and working 5 and 1/2 days a week (including Saturday morning) across normal business hours. In line with the new regional guidelines, our Serpentine farm will be delivering throughout Perth and through to Mandurah and the Peel, whilst our Bunbury farm is delivering throughout the Bunbury region.

If you need advice on the right turf variety for your home or premises, and would like a quote for roll on lawn, our team is available to take your call. If you do proceed to order turf, we can currently harvest and deliver with two days of your order. To keep our customers and our team safe and within the new social distancing guidelines, we have the following contactless delivery steps.

6 Point Contactless Order and Delivery Process:

  1. Quote requests and placing of orders can be arranged via phone or email, with payment via credit card or electronic funds transfer,
  2. Harvesting and stacking is completed with a fully automated harvester. There is no stacking by hand required,
  3. Turf is loaded onto the truck using a forklift,
  4. Delivery is kerbside with forklift,
  5. Order confirmation, receipt and comprehensive information pack is emailed to customer,
  6. Full installation phone support is then provide during and after your lawn install.

As WA’s largest turf farm, we have the full range of turf:

  • Sir Walter The Original Buffalo
  • Palmetto Buffalo
  • Village Green Premium Kikuyu
  • Wintergreen Couch

If you would like personal, customised advice for your particular location, soil type, and shade, please call us on 08 9525 8822.

From there we can provide you with a written quote for your preferred turf selection. Once you place your order, we will book our turf harvesting and delivery in for your preferred installation date. Freshly harvested and delivered turf is key to successful roll on grass installation, take up and growth, which is why Greenacres guarantees delivery of freshly cut turf within 18 hours of harvest.

We also provide comprehensive instructions for DIY Installations, and provide 1 hour of FREE Lawn turf installation phone consulting and support. This is how Greenacres Turf Group gives you the healthiest, greenest lawn in the street. We look forward to assisting you with your turf requirements.

Warm Regards,

Adrian Pitsikas
Managing Director

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