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    Quality Fresh Roll-on Lawn, Guaranteed

    Greenacres is WA’s premier supplier for lawn in Perth for residential and commercial use.

    We are currently the only turf farm in Perth to grow the two most popular varieties of roll on lawn, Palmetto (world’s largest selling buffalo grass) & Sir Walter, (Australia’s largest selling buffalo grass). Greenacres are also the exclusive suppliers of sports turf in Perth for Domain Stadium Subiaco, the new WACA training grounds and all new golf courses built in WA for the last 10 years, so you can be assured that our turf is the highest quality grade available.

    All our turf is freshly cut and delivered within 24 hours of harvest, and within 1 hour of the agreed delivery time. For all these reasons, as premium turf suppliers in Perth, Greenacres will provide you with “the healthiest, greenest lawn in the street”.

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    Watch the Greenacres showroom video

    Watch the Greenacres showroom video

    Lawn Installation

    Rolling out natural instant lawn allows you to enjoy instant beauty and maturity without the usual time consuming hassles or the inconvenience of planting a shredded (runner) lawn. Instantly reducing the sand & dust that is making its way into your home and providing a cool surface. This is why it is so important that the groundwork for your grass installation in Perth is done correctly from the start.

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    Why Choose Greenacres?

    • Dedicated Customer Service

      We have 4 full time customer service staff available to handle your order, delivery & provide installation advice, support and troubleshooting.

    • Your Call Is Always Answered

      Our dedicated customer support phone line guarantees your call is always answered during business hours by office staff - you’ll never be diverted to mobile or message bank!

    • Pre-Delivery Planning Advice

      We always advise you one day before your preferred delivery date and time, so you can plan in advance for the necessary preparation and laying of your new lawn.

    • FREE Ongoing Consulting

      Greenacres provides FREE follow up phone consulting to assist you through every stage of your lawn installation, including groundwork, soild prepartion, levelling, laying, new lawn nurturing, maintenance and any ongoing troubleshooting.

    Greenacres Turf Group

    Greenacres Turf Group