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    Turf Installation Tips Perth

    Rolling out natural instant lawn allows you to enjoy instant beauty and maturity without the usual time consuming hassles or the inconvenience of planting a shredded (runner) lawn. Instantly reducing the sand & dust that is making its way into your home and providing a cool surface. This is why it is so important that the groundwork for your grass installation in Perth is done correctly from the start.

    Groundwork / Soil Preparation

    1. If you are replacing existing turf, you will need to have removed the existing turf by either bobcat or spray with roundup and wait for a period of 14 days for all to die off, then remove.
    2. Next clear the site of all debris ie. sticks, rocks etc.
    3. Remember, it is worth taking the extra time for correct site preparation to ensure you achieve the best results.
    4. Soil Purchase: A good quality Landscape Yard can help you, just remember you want the soil to be weed free and of a high quality (sandy loam or lawn mix is a good choice as it retains moisture). A lawn mix usually has a yellow brickie sand base, pre-blended with loam and organics like chicken manure and bentonite clay, and can vary between a pale yellow and orange depending on your supplier. We recommend between 70-150mm.
    5. To calculate the measurement of soil required, multiply the total square metres by the depth of soil you would like, for example soil depth is 150mm (0.15 x total square metres = cubic metres required). i.e., if your area was 100m2 and you wanted to bring in 70mm (0.07 x 150 = 10.5  cubic meters).
    6. Gypsum is also recommended for clay areas, this will help breakdown the clay and improve soil drainage.


    1. Spread top soil out using a rake (a wheelbarrow & shovel will be handy if moving large amounts of soil around) across the area which you intend on turfing, to a minimum depth of 100mm.
    2. Eliminate any future drainage problems by ensuring that the soil slopes away from any housing foundations or pathways.
    3. Smooth the soil, ensure you have a flat even surface with no debris, we recommend you hire a roller or plate compactor, this will ensure you have a flat, smooth surface.
    4. Be sure to keep your soil about 20-30mm below footpaths or driveways as your new lawn needs to be laid on top (typically the rolls are 35mm thick, and we recommend you allow an extra 5-10mm for growth)
    5. Heavily water the prepared area, this will settle the soil and provide a moist base for your turf.
    6. A wetting agent will be required for water to penetrate evenly. We recommend Aquaforce: https://greenacresturfgroup.com.au/products/#aquaforce-soil-wetter

    Grass Installation in Perth

    1. It is important that you install your lawn immediately upon delivery from our turf farm. (Instant turf is a living plant that requires ground contact & moisture to survive. Run your irrigation prior to laying, so that the ‘bed’ is damp. Therefore, levelling should be completed prior to delivery.
    2. Begin laying turf along the longest straight line, such as a driveway or path. Butt & push edges and ends against each other tightly, without stretching, avoiding gaps or overlaps.
    3. Stagger the joints in each row in a brick like fashion using a sharp knife or shovel to trim corners etc. (avoid leaving small strips at outer edges, as they will not retain moisture).
    4. On slopes, avoid walking or kneeling on the turf as much as you can, whilst it is being installed or just after watering.
    5. Once installed, water roll or compact the entire turfed area, this will improve the turf/soil contact and remove any unwanted air pockets. Hiring a water roller or brick paving compactor is highly recommended.
    6. Water your newly laid turf with at least 25mm of water and check that the water has seeped through the turf and into the soil below.

    All Greenacres Turf is delivered with a comprehensive installation & maintenance guide. Greenacres will also deliver your preparation products with your turf delivery. Contact our sales staff for the correct advice on ground preparation.

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