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From all the Team at Greenacres Turf Group, we would like wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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    Lawn Varieties / Choosing the right lawn

    Choosing The Right Lawn

    5 Steps to choosing the right lawn for you

    Choosing the right lawn type can be challenging for the first time buyer. Never before has there been so many options of varieties, breeds within varieties, and price points. They all have different advantages and disadvantages, so knowing what you’re buying and whether it suits your location and lifestyle is important.

    Questions customers often ask include

      • Which variety should they choose: Buffalo, Couch, or Kikuyu?
      • Which breed of variety is more suitable for their location and lifestyle? For example, if you do choose a buffalo lawn variety, which should you choose, Sir Walter or Palmetto?
      • And how does price compare in your choice, what are the differences in upfront cost, long-term maintenance, and overall value (look and feel of the grass)?
      • How much water and fertilizer do particular varieties use?

    To help answer these questions we’ve outlined below the 5 most important factors to understand in choosing the right turf.

    5 Important factors in choosing the right lawn variety

    1. Availability of sunlight – full or partial day sun and shade levels
    2. Durability of Lawn & Usage/Traffic – children, pets, sports
    3. Soil Type & Condition– base soil level, drainage, compactness and soil type
    4. Water – reticulation, drought conditions, salt in your area
    5. Cost – upfront, value (look & feel), & ongoing maintenance

    Greenacres is WA’s largest turf farm and supplier to all major WA sports grounds (Perth Stadium, HBF Park (formerly NIB Stadium), and Domain Stadium), Councils, Schools, Golf Courses and tens of thousands of home lawns. We know turf, and we can help educate you more on these 5 areas so you choose what’s best for your lifestyle, budget, and local conditions.

    FREE Report: ‘How to choose the right type of turf for your home or business’

    Fill out the brief form below for immediate access to this detailed Report on choosing the right turf variety. In the report we outline in detail each of the 5 factors listed above, and which turf variety best suits each situation circumstance and budget.

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