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    Why Greenacres / Natural Lawn versus Synthetic Grass

    Why choose natural lawn over synthetic grass

    Natural Roll on Lawn is superior to fake grass in many ways. Real Grass is a natural and safe playing surface which is also good looking & calming, and is not seen as fake or plastic. Natural turf stays cool on hot days, and doesn’t heat up like plastic grass does.

    Natural roll on grass is also much cheaper to buy and install, and it lasts a lifetime, which makes it much better value than synthetic lawn. Real Lawn provides many documented health and environmental benefits, so find out below why choosing real turf is best for your home.

    • Natural Turf

    • Synthetic Turf

    • 1 Real grass is a natural & safe playing surface for recreation

      • Natural Lawn & health aerated soil provides substantial shock absorption, used for eternity for sport & recreation.
      • Fake plastic grass is built on a hard road based surface with the only shock absorption coming from a sprinkle of sand infill or more dangerous black rubber granules infill.
      • Natural turf & lawn survives the egg drop test from 2 metres whereas synthetic fake lawn has egg breakage from as little as a 30cm drop - now imagine a child’s head.
      • Inhalation or ingestion of rubber granules infill in synthetic lawns is a carcinogenic risk as outlined in multiple research reports.
      • A 2010 NFL Grid Iron player’s survey found that 82% of players stated they are more likely to be injured on artificial grass than natural turf, and 90% believed synthetic turf shortens their career.
    • 2 Natural turf is good looking & calming, not fake & plastic

      • Artificial lawn is always noticeably fake due to production consistencies, unlike the thousands of variable green colour shades of real lawn.
      • Natural green grass has a psychologically calming effect & can never be accurately copied in a factory.
      • Fake plastic grass may convey a message to people about the owner’s other choices in life.
      • Natural grass is the site of social interaction and fun, & provides feelings & memories of happy times.
    • 3 Natural turf stays cool and doesn’t heat up like fake grass

      • Studies have shown temp differences as great as 30°c on hot summers days.
      • Synthetic grass is too hot for you or your family or pets to walk on with most sunny days.
      • Fake plastic grass doesn’t transpire , it absorbs heat as it is made of a layer of polypropylene, polyethylene, lubricated with silicon.
      • To improve shock absorbtion, fake grass is “in fitted with black tyre rubber granules (black absorbs heat) or sand, both of which become excessively hot with constant sunlight.
      • Natural turf is a living organism, it transpires to keep cool, which is why grass is great to walk on even on the hottest days.
    • 4 Natural turf is cheaper, lasts a lifetime and is much better value than fake grass

      • Synthetic Turf is up to 3 times the cost of natural turf when fully installed.
      • Natural turf is a one off investment that lasts a lifetime, whereas synthetic needs replacing after 8-10 years.
      • Cost of installed synthetic turf is up to 3 times ($90m2) the cost of natural lawn ($30m2 for buying, reticulation setup & laying).
      • Natural lawn has been shown to add up to 18% (or $75000) to the value of a property.
      • Heat loading of fake grass is shown to effect adjoining building temperature, creating 20-30%↑ in aircon usage and therefore greater electricity costs.
    • 5 Natural turf provides both health and environmental benefits

      • Soils and natural grass contain bacteria which naturally sanitises the surface, decomposing animal body fluids, algae & faeces.
      • Artificial turf requires chemicals to sanitise the surface of cat, dog, insect and bird droppings.
      • Synthetic turf can create severe burns from grazing, and this has also been known to lead into infection.
      • Natural Grass is a living and organic ecosystem that interacts with the environment, absorbs noise, creates oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
      • Synthetic Plastic grass is flammable, natural turf is a known fire barrier.
      • Fake grass lined is lined with tyre rubber base, which is a known carcinogen.

    Get the right advice from the experts at Greenacres

    Call Greenacres turf consultants on 08 9525 8822, and we will answer your questions regarding the specific difference between natural turf and synthetic grass, and explain what turf variety is best for your specific location and requirements.


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