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    Greenacres Turf maintenance and repair

    Greenacres Turf Group has vast experience in turf repair and maintenance of sporting ovals and parks, verges, public open space areas quality and standard of workmanship. In addition to supply and installation of turf at prestigious venues such as Optus Stadium, HBF Park (formerly NIB Stadium), the WACA and Domain Stadium, Greenacres also do repair projects. We have the expertise to produce, harvest, supply and install turf successfully within the requirements of any contract.

    We can guarantee supply of freshly harvested turf, installed on the same day to ensure rapid establishment of repaired areas. We have a complete range of turf, harvesting and laying equipment and highly trained personnel to carry out your projects quickly, professionally and successfully.

    Method for Box out and replace turf projects:

    • Morning tool box meeting with JSA and SWMS as mandatory procedures
    • Check for irrigation placement
    • Measure out and mark the area of turf to be replaced
    • Turf cut out existing turf
    • Remove spoil either by hand tools or bobcat depending on project
    • Remove spoil from site
    • Prepare area for turf, importing spec sand if needed and then grading or levelling area
    • Apply pre-start fertiliser, add any amendments
    • Lay turf either by hand or with Magnum Turf Layers
    • Compact turf with 2 tonne Pedestrian Roller or equivalent to give a smooth finish
    • Liaise with client for irrigation recommendations

    Turf maintenance

    Turf can be maintained to high standards using an array of tractors, high speed rotary mowers, gang tractor mowers as well as finish grooming mowers. Clipping removal is obtained by using grooming mowers and vacuum pick-ups. Thatch is controlled by using Gallagher or Devonson Jahn Verge Mowers. The finished quality turf product can be mown as per client requirements. Ongoing turf consultation available on request.

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