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    Village Green Premium Kikuyu


    Genus: Pennisetum clandestinum PBR 2007/130

    Australian bred Kikuyu grass has been rigorously tested under Australian conditions. Unlike other varieties like Buffalo & Couch, Village Green premium kikuyu maintains its rich emerald green colour and dense coverage throughout the winter months. Unlike other Kikuyu grass varieties which have agricultural Kikuyu as their origin, Village Green is a turf type kikuyu grass developed for Australian back yards and sporting fields. Order your Village green premium kikuyu lawn in Perth from Australia’s largest selling PBR kikuyu.

    Key Benefits

    • Rapid establishment of deep root system – Quickest of all varieties to establish a strong healthy root system.
    • Frost tolerant – Winter active with an excellent recovery rate.
    • Great colour retention – Winter active, therefore maintains colour all year round.
    • Easy to maintain – Excellent weed suppression characteristics & responds well to Round Up to discourage runners in garden beds.
    • Durability and wear – Its dense growth habit & deep root system means Village Green can tolerate high levels of traffic and will recover quickly from excessive wear.
    • Attractive – A medium leaf, dense emerald green lawn.


    Perfect to use as residential lawn in Perth for front and back gardens, and a preferred variety for sporting fields & race courses. It has rapidly established its credentials in schools too.


    • Visual appeal Attractive dense emerald green, medium leaf.
    • Watering Low water user. 40ml per week (Over 2-3 days) in Summer, no watering required during Winter.
    • Mowing frequency Weekly in Summer, 2-3 weeks in Winter.
    • Wear/Tolerance Excellent – Highest wear tolerant grass available.
    • Sunlight/Shade Minimum 4 hours direct sunlight.
    • Drought/Frost tolerance Drought tolerance is excellent. Frost tolerance also excellent.
    • Drought/Frost recovery Excellent.
    • Weeds Best variety for minimising weeds due to the dense growth habit which out competes weed development.
    • Cost/Value Medium initial up front cost, excellent value for Australia’s largest selling PBR Kikuyu. As WA’s largest lawn & turf farm, Greenacres only chooses Village Green Kikuyu as it is superior to all other kikuyu’s in performance in most areas.

    As many of the above elements of each turf variety can affect the performance in your intended setting, we highly recommend you call Greenacres on 08 9525 8822 for specific advice for your location. Ask about how you can get Greenacres Healthy Lawn Pack (Valued at $195) for free, so you can have the Healthiest Greenest Lawn in the Street.

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