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    Standard Rolls vs Jumbo Rolls

    Jumbo Roll Benefits compared to Standard Rolls

    • Lay and Play

      Stable enough to play a game of football after laying, no need to wait for root establishment.

      90% Less Seams

      90% less seams than standards giving a more level finish, aesthetically better and with less chance for roll shrinkage.

      Less Initial Water

      Less water needed during establishment, rolls are thicker therefore more able to retain water usually lost due to evaporation in smaller, thinner rolls. A reduction of up to 30%.

      Quicker Recovery

      Should the site experience an irrigation breakdown.

      Anti Theft

      Weighing in at 500kg – 1.2 tonne, the Jumbo Roll is too heavy to roll up and load on to a ute

    • Greenacres Council Reel

    Turf Roll Size Comparison – Number Of Seams

    Standard Rolls vs Jumbo Rolls – Example – 98m2 [8.176m x 12m]

    Jumbo Rolls Technology

    A few of the key benefits of Jumbo Rolls:

    • Lay and Play. Turf can withstand high traffic immediately versus standard which can take up to 6 months to establish
    • Less initial watering required as minimal evaporation
    • Weight and size prevents theft

    To find out more about Jumbo roll installation for your project, contact Greenacres

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    Standard Turf Rolls

    • Number of Seams 122 including outer edges
    • Number of Rolls 112 including 14 halves to create staggered laing pattern to reduce edges drying out and improved stability
    Original Image  
    Modified Image  

    Jumbo Turf Rolls

    • Number of Seams 10 including outer edges
    • Number of Rolls 7
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