Holiday Trading

From all the Team at Greenacres Turf Group, we would like wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Friday 22nd December: Trading Hours 8am-1pm
  • Saturday 23rd December: Open for normal trading & deliveries from our Serpentine Farm 8am-12noon
  • Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th December: Closed
  • Wednesday 27th to Friday 29th December: Normal trading hours
  • Saturday 30th December: Turf Pick Ups only from our Serpentine Farm 8am-12noon
  • Monday 1st January: Closed
  • Tuesday 2nd January: Normal trading resumes

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Quality Fresh Roll-on Lawn, Delivered on Time

    Why Greenacres / Supply and Delivery Terms

    Supply and delivery terms and conditions


    Freshly harvested turf is a perishable item and installation on the day of delivery is advised.

    Please refer to the Greenacres Installation guide for detailed information, particularly the watering regime for establishment of new turf.

    As the turf cannot be stored for later use, any alterations to quantity or delivery date must be notified to the office by 4pm two days prior to your original requested delivery date. If this does not occur, Greenacres reserve the right to charge for turf.


    All turf is delivered kerbside on custom designed push off pallets. The pallets are taken away and the turf is left wrapped in plastic in easy to handle rolls.

    Please note: If requiring other than kerbside delivery. Site will be assessed by delivery driver to see if possible to safely go onto property with easy access for forklift.

    Some issues can arise from weight of forklift on driveways, hidden soakwells, steep driveways and narrow gate access to mention a few.

    If access is safe, a waiver will need to be signed for the driver by the customer as Greenacres Turf Group take no responsibility to any damage caused by truck, forklift, pallet, driver or turf.

    Additional charges are incurred when street is not accessible for Prime mover and semi-trailer as longer delivery time is required.

    Conditions such as a long cul de sac, no through road, or busy main road, highway or long driveway over 250m.

    Traffic management is not the responsibility of Greenacres Turf Group.,

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