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    1 March 2024 /

    NEWS & INFO/News / Artificial Turf Measured 90°C on a 28°C Day

    Artificial Turf Measured 90°C on a 28°C Day

    This is an absolutely horrifying case study in Sydney.


    On a lovely 28°C day, experts at Western Sydney University found synthetic turf to measure 89.2°C. This is just shy of 90°C and close to BOILING temperature. This is due to the black rubber infill backing of the astroturf, which has a low thermal mass that heats up very quickly under normal light conditions.
    This temperature can cause significant burns on the soles of your feet, and the only solution is to avoid areas with synthetic turf throughout summer completely. Imagine not being able to use your garden for three months of the year!
    The heat generated by synthetic turf is responsible for warming the microclimate around your property during the day and afternoon. This, in turn, heats your house, meaning your air conditioner needs to work harder to cool your house, resulting in increased utility costs and more money spent on cooling electricity.

    Composite image showing artificial turf and an infrared view of the same synthetic turf. Image sourced from here

    Not to mention that synthetic turf cannot be recycled, and microplastics and environmental pollution from these materials are very significant. In fact, in NSW, results from stormwater testing revealed 70,000 particles of rubber crumb and <50,000 of synthetic grass were found in a single trap. Synthetic turf exposed to sunlight releases chemicals and heavy metals into ecosystems, which makes aquatic ecosystems sick. Find the information here.
    We know that synthetic turf (even without the surface being that hot) is toxic. The Netherlands banned artificial turf last year for all sports surfaces due to increased cancer risks and players being diagnosed with it. Find more information here.


    Artificial turf installation should be a last resort or banned altogether on the environmental impact alone.


    Find the original article here: https://www.abc.net.au/listen/programs/hobart-your-afternoon/artificial-turf/

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