Get your backyard ready for winter

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Winter is coming. Wet and chilly weather is on the way, and it’s almost time to dig out your warm clothes and gumboots. As colder temperatures approach, it’s important to think about how your garden will cope with frosty mornings and rainy weather.

We prepare our wardrobes and our houses for winter, but what about our gardens? Read on for handy advice on how to get your backyard ready for winter.

Maintain your gardening equipment

Before you pack away all your tools, your gardening equipment and the lawnmower, give each item a quick clean to make sure it’s in good condition. Sharpen your garden shears, wash and scrub garden forks and spades, and brush any loose grass off your lawnmower. Thoroughly dry everything before storing away, to prevent rust. Making sure everything is in tip top condition before you store it means it’s more likely to stay that way. And after winter, when spring rolls around again, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Preparing your garden for winter

Winter can be a tough time for your backyard, but there are steps you can take to protect your plants during the cold months. Before winter sets in, weed and till the soil in your backyard, and spread organic compost on your garden. Build light frames around plants that are susceptible to frost, and drape them with plastic or cloth at night when temperatures drop. Pack a thick layer of mulch around winter vegetables to protect them against the cold, and move any tropical or subtropical plants indoors. And finally, take the time to do a bit of general tidying up. Rake any fallen leaves and pop them in the compost, take any old rubbish to the tip, and repair any garden beds that are looking flimsy after summer.

Preparing your lawn for winter

Most lawn varieties go dormant during winter, so if you want to maintain your lawn’s healthy look, it will need some care during autumn. Fertilise your lawn every month in the lead up to winter, and make sure the soil’s pH level is around 6.5.

As the cold weather sets in, raise the height of your lawnmower. Longer grass blades will help protect your lawn from winter frost. They will also improve photosynthesis to maintain your lawn’s overall health. When there’s less sunlight available during winter, longer blades of grass will absorb more of the sun’s rays.

Turf can become compacted over time, so before winter arrives, grab a garden fork and use the prongs to aerate the soil. This will improve drainage and allow more moisture to penetrate to the roots when it rains. If you experience a lot of heavy rain during summer, it’s especially important to aerate your lawn before winter, as the soil may be compacted and need loosening up.

The best way to get your backyard ready for winter is to start with a healthy, luscious green lawn. Greenacres Turf Group is Perth’s leading supplier of roll-on lawn and turf. All Greenacres turf varieties are guaranteed water efficient and weed-free, and the friendly Greenacres team provides complimentary after sales service to all customers. If you need help choosing the right turf, call Greenacres on 08 9525 8822 or visit to find out more.

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