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Quality Fresh Roll-on Lawn, Delivered on Time

    10 August 2018 /

    Installation Projects / Council/Parks / Fremantle Esplanade – City of Fremantle

    Fremantle Esplanade - City of Fremantle

    Status Completed

    With the end of Term 1 School Holidays approaching the week after, Greenacres had to box out, prepare and lay 1750m2 of turf over various parts of the Esplanade.

    The reason for this tight timeline was to ensure the project was completed before the busy holiday fortnight. We implemented Pedestrian Traffic Management, marked out all the areas (20 patches) worked methodically across the Esplanade to minimise disruption to the public, boxing out, removing waste and preparing and laying turf. This was completed in time for the school holidays.

    Previously in December 2016, Greenacres Turf Group installed 4,000m2 of Village Green Premium Kikuyu Jumbo Rolls (Lay & Play) at the Fremantle Esplanade Foreshore in December 2016.

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