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    28 February 2015 /

    Installation Projects / Sports / Fremantle Dockers Elite Training Facility Cockburn

    Fremantle Dockers Elite Training Facility Cockburn

    Status Completed

    Greenacres Turf Group was involved in all stages of the Dockers Training Facility in Cockburn.

    Greenacres were contracted to produce, wash and process the turf to stolons, deliver and install stolons covering 20,000m2. Our client for this job was Programmed led by former State Turf Manager Nick Clayton.

    After the financial mess of BCL as the head contractor going into liquidation, Director Peter Pitsikas was able to achieve the near impossible having Lathain Oval ready for their first WAFL game of this season with only 14 weeks to grow in the newly planted oval. Nurturing attention to detail, full understanding of plant physiology and understanding of irrigation systems ensured smooth running over the Christmas / New Year period whilst the building and earth moving contractors were on their summer break. The turf plant does not know it is a public holiday.

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