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    13 September 2022 /

    NEWS & INFO/News / NEWS & INFO/Lawn & Turf Tips / Why an NPK Fertiliser is the Best Fertiliser for your Lawn

    Why an NPK Fertiliser is the Best Fertiliser for your Lawn

    An NPK-based Maintenance Fertiliser is the perfect fertiliser for all lawns! Specially formulated for WA soils and conditions to ensure your lawns stays a vibrant green colour – an application at the beginning of every change of season will provide your lawn with the nutrients required during this season! 🌱😎

    In Spring and Summer (if required) you can apply a second light application in the middle of the season for an extra boost.

    It is specially formulated for continued optimum growth for Western Australian soils and conditions to ensure your lawn stays a vibrant green colour.

    A slow release fertiliser formula feeds the lawn as it needs to be fed avoiding surge growth and extra mowing and will provide a deep uniform green and a strong healthy lawn.

    NPK Based Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, what is recommended for lawn.

      • Nitrogen: Promotes leaf development.
      • Phosphorous: Promotes root growth.
      • Potassium: Nutrient for strengthening grass. Prevents lawn diseases and promotes healthy growth

    Apply dry then water in well

    • Apply at the change of every season & twice in summer & spring. (Minimum 4 times per year, maximum 6).
    • Application Rate: 30-40g/m2 4 weeks after laying lawn. Apply mid-morning when turf is nice and dry (because otherwise will stick to turf & burn the leaf) & once applied drench the area.
    • Avoid applying in extreme heat (i.e., 40 degree days)


    See our products page for more information: https://greenacresturfgroup.com.au/products/#maintenance-fertiliser

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