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    31 August 2015 /

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    What type of turf should you select?

    There are many different kinds of turf available, and there are different variables that must be considered when selecting the right turf for your needs.

    Let’s take a look at some of the key factors involving in selecting your turf.

    Cost is a Major Factor

    At the top of the list of concerns is cost. There are considerable differences between what different turfs cost. After deciding whether you would prefer a Buffalo lawn or a Couch lawn, it is time to shift your attention to prices.

    Top of the range turf such as Sir Walter or Palmetto, you can expect to pay

    $12.10 and $13.95 per m2. Premium kikuyu such as Village Green can be between $8.65 and $9.90 per m2. Couch lawn is for the more budget conscious. A Couch variety, such as Winter Green or Santa Ana, usually costs between $6.20 and $7.75. These prices are also determined in part by the quantity that you need.

    What Kind of Investment Do You Have in Mind?

    The bottom line is that turf is an investment. High quality turf boosts the overall value and resale value of your home and helps to enrich your leisure time and life. However, if you are selecting turf for an investment property or only plan on living in a home for a limited amount of time before selling, then you might want to consider a less expensive turf option. Important to consider your location and the value of your home – many astute potential buyers may be disappointed to see a couch lawn if they know how hard it is to remove & replace with a less invasive/lower maintenance variety like a soft leaf buffalo.

    Those planning on living in a home for many years to come will want to select the highest quality turf available. You may spend more on high quality turf, but it will lead to superior results and you’ll enjoy greater durability over an extended period of time. The higher initial costs of Buffalo varieties are offset by the fact that a Buffalo turf represents a lifelong investment.

    Who Choose Greenacres?

    Greenacres’ customers routinely note that our turf looks amazing. The reason our turf consistently looks vibrant, rich and healthy is due to the fact that all of our turf is freshly cut and delivered within just 18 hours of harvest. The end results are impressive and we are sure you’ll agree!

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