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    18 October 2016 /

    NEWS & INFO/News / NEWS & INFO/Lawn & Turf Tips / What steps can I take to have a healthy looking lawn year round?

    What steps can I take to have a healthy looking lawn year round?

    There are many steps that you can take to have a healthy looking lawn year round. Like many things in life, preparation and making the right choices help to produce great results.

    In this article, we will explore a few of the key steps you can take to boost your chances of having a great looking lawn.

    Healthy Lawn Tip Number One-Select the Right Variety

    By selecting the right variety of lawn, you can dramatically increase your chances of maintaining a healthy lawn year round. If you want a deep green lawn, even during the winter, you may want to consider Village Green Premium Kikuyu. This impressive lawn enjoys great colour retention even in the colder months. In fact, Village Green Premium Kikuyu is the only warm season grass that is active when it is cold. Additionally new soft leaf Buffalo variety of Sir Walter and Palmetto also has excellent winter colour retention. So it is possible to have a green lawn even through the winter!

    Healthy Lawn Tip Number Two-Opt for a Water Efficient Lawn

    Ground preparation is very important. Use a good quality loam 150mm Compact and level. Use a pre start Fertiliser. Install automatic reticulation and apply a moisture retainer. We all know the importance of protecting our water resources. While it must be stated that there is no lawn that can truly be called “drought proof,” there are steps that can be taken to make turf “drought tolerant.” At Greenacres Turf Group, turf undergoes considerable field-testing before being sold to the public. Turf is first grown on the farm for between 3 to 5 years as part of an intensive testing process before it is sold. Greenacres only sell water efficient lawn varieties, such as Palmetto and Sir Walter Buffalos, as long as correct ground preparation, good reticulation is installed and establishment instructions followed. Customers can be sure their lawn will be water efficient.

    Healthy Lawn Tip Number Three-Never Neglect Your Lawn

    If you want your lawn to look its best year-round, any variety will require maintenance. Watering your lawn two to three times a week is a must. Skipping watering will lead to a brown and potentially unhealthy lawn. Apply a good quality moisture retainer. Fertilize just before the change of each season as well as mid-spring and mid-summer for best results.

    By following these three helpful tips, you can expect to have a beautiful lawn year round. Select the right variety of lawn and maintain it correctly and you will see not just a green lawn this year, but also for many years to come.

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