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    19 December 2016 /

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    Tips for lawn care in spring

    Try these top tips for lawn care during springtime for a lush, green AND healthy lawn over the summer months.

    All it takes is a little effort initially and then the sun and the soil will take over!


    A healthy lawn needs a healthy base and it’s a good idea to test the pH levels of your soil in spring. As a general rule, lawns like a slightly acidic pH level (around 6.2 – 6.5) and you can check your soil with an easy-to-use DIY pH meter which you can get from your local garden shop or hardware store.


    Another important task for spring is to prepare your lawn mower for summer mowing. That means making sure the blades are sharp and clean, that the machine is well lubricated and that it’s generally in good working order. It may be worth having it serviced in early spring so it’s ready to roll when your lawn starts its warm weather growth spurt!

    Reduce compaction

    If your soil has become hard and compacted, it’s important to aerate it during spring. Depending on the size of your lawn, you can either use a mechanical aerator or a fork to make holes in the soil. This will reduce the compaction, control thatch (a build-up of stem material between the green top of the lawn and the soil), help stimulate new root growth and improve the filtration of water, air and nutrients.


    Water your lawn thoroughly during the first couple of weeks of spring (depending on how much rain you have in your area of course!). Also, in areas like Perth in Western Australia where the soils are very sandy and water repellent, it’s essential to apply a wetting agent in spring. In fact, a wetting agent is a good idea for every lawn as it facilitates the penetration and dispersal of water and helps the soil hold onto water for longer. Another important tip is to water your lawn in the morning when it’s warm and the grass is actively growing. Watering in the evening or during the night can result in wasted water plus it can promote fungal diseases.


    Nitrogen is the main ingredient in fertiliser that stimulates thick, rich growth in lawns and a healthy, deep green colour. You should fertilise your lawn in spring with a good slow-release fertiliser that contains nitrogen at a rate of 50 grams per square metre and remember to water it in very well. Always check the package instructions before applying fertiliser because these products need to be used properly and at the right time to avoid causing any damage to the lawn. Early in the growing season is best, but the timing will vary depending on where you live and what the weather is doing.


    Once you’ve done all your lawn preparation in the spring, you can sit back and watch it grow! There’s nothing nicer than a lush, green and healthy lawn for kids to play on, for walking on or for just looking at, so it’s a good time to ‘spring’ into action and get your lawn ready for the warmer weather.

    Here’s a handy guide for remembering what to do when it comes to springtime lawn care:
    R-educe compaction

    If you want more tips on how to grow and maintain your lawn, have a chat to the experts at Greenacres Turf Farm. Greenacres is the largest supplier of roll-on lawn in Perth and they’re more than happy to chat about any aspect of lawns. Have a look at their website, www.greenacresturfgroup.com.au for more tips on caring for your instant lawn or call them on 08 9525 8822 for a chat with one of their friendly team.

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