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    14 October 2020 /

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    Prepare for Spring -Sprinkler Calibration


    WA has received plenty of rain over winter and the ground is currently nice and moist. It will not take long for turf to become stressed if left too long without water!

    So with warmer weather on the way, it is important to now recalibrate irrigation, clean, repair sprinklers and have ready to turn on to maintain good moisture levels.

    Now that Spring is nearly here – it’s time to revive.

    In 3 easy steps…..

    A set of Catch Cups is ideal and available complimentary here at Greenacres Turf Group; however any straight-sided container is suitable (Ice cream containers, coffee cups) marking 10mm up the sides. Start your irrigation system and assess that all the sprinklers are working and there are no obstructions eg. the grass has not grown higher than the sprinklers. Place the Catch Cups randomly over the lawn, turn your sprinklers on for 10 minutes & then measure the contents to determine that your sprinklers are spraying evenly.

    * Check sprinkler nozzles & filter and flush to remove any debris.
    * See our tips on Sprinkler Calibration for more instructions.

    Most of our soils contain high amounts of silica which has very little moisture retention. To help the soil retain moisture we recommend that you apply a Soil Wetter & a Moisture Retainer. Greenacres recommends the Aqua Force be applied first according to the label rate followed by Bi-Agra at the label rate 5 days later & again at 4-6 week intervals during the warmer months.

    The ground temperatures are now warming up, and your lawn will be wanting a balanced feed as it comes out of winter dormancy. We recommend a good quality granulated fertiliser suited to Western Australian soils and conditions. It will not only help to green your lawn up, but also make it healthy & vibrant. Apply according to the manufacturer’s instructions and water in immediately after application to avoid leaf burn.



    Contact us on 9525 8822 if you have any more questions

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