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    22 December 2022 /

    NEWS & INFO/News / NEWS & INFO/Lawn & Turf Tips / Signs of Water Deficient Lawn & How to Revive!

    Signs of Water Deficient Lawn & How to Revive!

    (Hint: Even when you think it’s not water…it’s probably water).

    During prolonged hot weather, it doesn’t take long for your entire lawn to quickly dry out – particularly if you haven’t provided your lawn with the necessary products to ensure both lawn and soil are prepared for the heat. Lawn under heat or moisture stress becomes dry and crunchy underfoot, turn a blue-grey and then turns light brown.

    As temperatures are often over 35 degrees, you will need to handwater between your nominated watering days: https://www.watercorporation.com.au/Help-and-advice/Waterwise/Garden/Tips-for-hand-watering?fbclid=IwAR29-XJTroUiQz8bZuIKo-Luokdsofp-WlK6q1xKrGI0OcYEuG0dBz0giWE

    Lawns require assistance to retain water in the root zone during extreme heat from Soil Wetters and Moisture Retainers. Keep an eye out for signs of heat stress in your lawn:

    Download a copy of this information sheet here: https://greenacresturfgroup.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Signs-of-Water-Deficient-Lawn-1.pdf


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