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    15 January 2017 /

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    How to install turf like a professional

    Installing roll on lawn on your Perth property can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, lush, green oasis. But to get the most out of instant turf, it needs to be installed properly.

    Here are our top tips on how to install turf.

    Soil preparation

    To get the best results out of your turf, invest some time preparing the soil beforehand. If you’re replacing an existing lawn, you’ll need to remove the old turf. Treat existing lawn with a glysophate herbicide to kill off at the root base. Clear away any building waste, sticks or rocks. Add new sandy loam 150mm thick and level the surface.

    Level the soil

    Use a rake or a soil spreader to spread the topsoil evenly. Raking not only creates an even surface, it also leaves the soil particles loose enough for the new grass roots to sink into. Finally, smooth the soil using a roller or plate compactor to create a flat surface. When you level out the surface, ensure that the soil slopes away from any buildings. This will prevent any future drainage problems.

    Water the soil

    Soil needs to be moist when you lay turf, so you need to water it well 24-48 hours before installation. Water the entire area to settle the soil and provide a base for your turf. If desired, add startup fertilizer and a wetting agent to ensure the water penetrates evenly.

    Lay the turf

    Instant turf should be laid immediately, preferably as soon as it is delivered. Water the area a few hours before you intend to install the turf, so that you are laying turf on a damp bed. Lay the first piece of turf along the longest and straightest edge, for example next to a driveway. Lay each section one at a time, pushing the ends together to prevent gaps and air pockets. Stagger the joins in a brickwork pattern to minimize soil erosion between sections.

    Roll and water the turf

    Once all the turf is laid, roll the entire area to prevent air pockets and improve the contact between the turf and the soil. Water the newly laid turf immediately, and aim to keep the roots damp for 3-4 weeks. During this period, limit foot traffic from people and pets as disruption may prevent the turf roots from knitting into the soil.

    Installing turf in hot weather

    If you’re installing turf on a hot day, take extra care to ensure the turf doesn’t dry out. Make sure the soil is very moist before you lay any turf on top of it. Keep your stack of unlaid turf in the shade and sprinkle it with water to keep it moist. Do not cover. When you lay each piece of turf, lightly water it before moving on to the next section.
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