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    18 October 2016 /

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    How do you select the right type of turf?

    There are many variables that go into selecting the right kind of turf. Deciding on the right option for your needs doesn’t have to be a tricky proposition.

    By asking the right questions, you can select a turf that is a great match.

    Three Big Factors in Selecting the Right Type of Turf

    Three factors play a major role in determining which turf is right for you: budget, circumstances and lifestyle. Circumstances are a key issue. For example, if you are planning on selling your property you may want to opt for a less expensive turf than if you are planning on keeping a property long term. However, it is important to note that Buffalo lawn is considered lower to maintain than Couch varieties of turf.

    Factoring in Cost

    A Couch variety, such as Winter Green, will cost between $6.20 and $7.75 m2. Buffalo varieties, including Palmetto and Sir Walter, are considerably more expensive, costing between $12.10 and $13.95 per m2. The quantity purchased also plays a role in price as the more you buy the lower the price per m2.

    Keep in mind that installation is extra. You can expect to pay much more for installation. per m2 for installation.


    Overall, price point is a major factor, but it isn’t the only factor in selecting the right type of turf. Other factors, such as your circumstances and how much maintenance you prefer, should also factor into your decision.

    Your Expectations for Your Turf

    Another key preference to consider is whether or not you want your turf to stay green year round. Buffalo varieties of Sir Walter and Palmetto have excellent winter colour retention. Likewise, Village Green Premium Kikuyu is the only warm season grass to stay active in the colder months.

    Those looking for a drought resistant or drought tolerate turf will find that varieties such as Palmetto and Sir Walter Buffalos work very well. However, it is important to note that no turf is totally drought tolerant.

    Selecting the right turf means asking the right questions. Thinking about your budget, circumstances, lifestyle and expectations are all vital aspects of selecting the right turf. What shouldn’t be overlooked is the factor of enjoyment. How much time will you spend on your turf and how will you use it? For many, this factor will be the most important factor of all.

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