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    23 November 2016 /

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    Greenacres jumbo roll installation – The original and best

    Twenty two years ago we made the commitment to invest in Jumbo Roll installation technology, and so became the first company to harvest and install Jumbo Roll.

    With a commitment to excellence and years of experience behind us, we still continue to be the top choice for installing this state of the art product in Western Australia.

    Greenacres’s Jumbo Roll is a popular choice for many of our clients as it delivers a smoother finish, requires less initial watering and can be used almost immediately. Another benefit of using Greenacres Jumbo Roll is that it enables us to lay as much as 4000m2 in a day, which results in lower labour and installation costs. A larger turf also means that the chances are lower of it being stolen (it’s simply too heavy to steal) and that vandalism from cars driving over the lawn is much less destructive.

    It can be risky, however, to install Jumbo Rolls – especially for installers who are new to the technology. One of the biggest issues can arise in the time during harvesting and installation, when the lawn must be laid within 12 hours of harvest to avoid severe damage from heat exposure. Many novice installers don’t realise this and run the costly risk of their newly harvested lawns dying from heat exposure when they don’t follow the process correctly.

    Over the twenty two years of gaining valuable Jumbo Roll installation experience, we have perfected our installation process and implemented various strategies to ensure that our Jumbo Roll installations don’t suffer the same problems.

    By being a turf farm first and foremost, we are the only installer that controls the whole supply chain –from growth to installation, and can ensure that every step runs smoothly. Our team plans all our installation schedules around the weather conditions. If necessary, we will be up at 4am in the morning to cut turf so that it is ready and freshly laid later the same day. We also believe that part of our success lies in the fact that we do everything internally. We run our own fleet of trucks which negates the risk of waiting on unreliable subcontractor trucks. We have a team of eight experienced installers that use a specialist jumbo laying machine to guarantee fast and effective installation, which ensures maximum take up and turf health, and minimum delays on use.

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