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Lawn Installation / 23 Steps to installing the healthiest, greenest lawn

23 Steps to installing the Healthiest, Greenest Lawn

  • Soil Preparation

    1. Established site - Spraying (if relevant)
    2. Established site - Turf Removal (if relevant)
    3. Established site - Turf Disposal (if relevant)
    4. New site – Rubble Removal
    5. Soil conditioning and preparation
      • If Sand present (Soil Conditioner and Underlay application with Rotary hoe or tiller)
      • If Clay present - Gypsum application
    6. Soil purchase (if required) - 100mm soil depth
    7. Compacting soil (if needed)
    Soil Preparation
  • Reticulation

    1. Reticulation Design, install & set up (Design spacing, Controller choice, Retic product choice, Pressure flow rates)
      • New Site – Design and set up reticulation
      • Established site – Modifying or replacing reticulation
    2. Supply of Controller & Quality reticulation products
    3. Controller set up
    4. Pressure testing
    5. Electrician setup costs included
    6. Plumber setup costs included (if required)
  • Levelling

    1. Levelling
      • finishing 15-30mm below paving to allow for 25mm turf rolls (prior reticulation)
    2. Apply Lawn Starter Fertiliser
    3. Final Levelling, Apply Wetting Agent & Water it in
  • Turf Installation

    1. Laying Turf
      • 2 Specialist Installers (including best practice installation techniques such as Header Course, Stagger Joints, Cutting it in, Turf Roll Laying)
    2. Watering
    3. Compact or Roll (using Brick Compactor or Water roller)
    4. Site clean up and offcut removal
    Turf Installation
  • Follow Up Lawn Nurturing

    1. First 50 Days Watering Program
      • Applying seasonal watering rules and exemptions
      • Initial programming
    2. Three Follow up Service Interval Phone Calls
      • (watering program frequency changes ensuring 100% evapotranspiration rate of turf throughout establishment period)
    3. Control Slow Release Maintenance Fertiliser
      • works over 4 weeks to maximise lawn strength, growth, health and green colour
    Follow Up Lawn Nurturing

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